Im going to direct you to the Evo post on this Lamborghini Silhouette. I personally find this incredibly low volume 70s “American” Lamborghini to be extremely intriguing. Yeah yeah yeah, Jalpa...but I would rather Silhouette.

Supposedly these are only valued at around $106,000 on average right now (though it was barely $60,000 at the start of the decade). The Silhouette was built alongside the Urraco for its entire model run and previewed the Jalpa in styling. It’s a cool mix of the two and there were only 54 ever built from 1976 to 1979. The first targa Lambo, made for US before they could really sell them in the US. Oh! Didnt Lamborghini go through bankruptcy during this production run and have a bunch of different owners? Like many, I have a bad habit of ignoring the late 70s.

It’s honestly an improvement to the Urraco and I think this is the rare case of a cheap, extremely rare and interesting car from a big name badge that you could actually own as a normal person.


Personally, I think collectors will want these just to complete their home galleries and tell the story. I seriously think this car will continue to have a value surge purely to set one person’s exotic collection apart from another’s, especially the one pictured.


Go get one before Doug reviews a Silhouette and the values double overnight! Better yet, buy one now and give it to Doug for review then cash in!! Youre welcome, not me...