My Fellow Americans: 5 Automotive Things We Need To Change About America

Happy Independence Day, America. There’s a lot to love about the country that has brought the world muscle cars, the Ford GT, and mass production of automobiles. But there are quite a few things worth changing. Comment below with anything you’d like to change!

5) Bring Back The Manual Rental Car


When I went to rent a car from Budget last week, I was shocked to see that they listed a car with a manual transmission on the website. I’ll be even more shocked (actually, I may pass out), if it turns out to be true when I pick it up tomorrow. Rental car agencies in the US simply don’t have manual transmission cars. My fellow Americans, when did we as a nation begin to accept this “lowest common denominator” approach to rental cars? It’s time to change.

I know people will shout “TURO!”, but I’ll reserve a post for another day about how you should never rely on Turo (The Unhappy Rental Operation) with some of my horror stories.

4) Invent A New Form of Transportation


Self driving cars are coming and that’s a start but “flying cars” (okay, electric people-carrying drones) are probably the future of transportation in places like San Francisco or maybe it’s underground car tunnels like Elon Musk’s Boring Company has proposed in LA. Either way, we need something new. In the Bay Area, it’s almost impossible to keep up with potholes due to the amount of traffic and the faster we get people who don’t want to be on the road off of it, the better. America, let’s get on this.

3) Modernize Driver’s Education & Our License System


The amount of distracted driving out there is pretty incredible. Sure, we could legislate that everyone drive a manual (which makes it incredibly hard to text and drive), but education & stricter rules is probably the path to better drivers. Anyone who has ever driven in Germany knows what driving bliss is like where the left lane isn’t hogged by some 22 year old in a broken SUV who is texting about a sale on vape pens.

Nay! It’s time to change this, my fair Americans! It’s time to rise up and bring a two tier license system! Class B is for the cheeto-breath Americans who care more about texting than driving. The left hand lane is reserved for those in Class A who have taken a course in advanced driving and are deemed experts in the art of the pass! Then we can think about raising speed limits!


2) Move the car shows from 7am to 11am


Admittedly, this probably isn’t just America but how are we supposed to get more young people into car culture when cars and coffee is over by the time they wake up? Let’s take the Radwood approach and start at 11am - like real humans.

1) Repeal The 25 Year Import Rule


President Trump wants to hurt Germany. That’s fine, but lets not deprive ourselves of German cars in the process. Instead lets repeal that bit of Mercedes-sponsored legislation referred to as the “25 Year Import Rule” so that we can import as many grey market AMGs as they can fit on the ships. Take that, Merkel!

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