Right now we face one of the darkest moments in our history. It’s not the first time we face a threat like this and it certainly won’t be the last. However, fear not. In the end, things will be fine.

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I know they will be fine, because there are many amazing people doing their part in the fight against this cursed virus, people like medical professionals, law enforcement, scientists, government employees, chefs, cooks, delivery personnel and supermarket employees. They are all risking getting infected, so we can stay home and avoid this deadly, unseen, enemy and for that, they deserve our gratitude.


This coronavirus is having a good run right now but he made one small mistake, the mistake of becoming somewhat of a global emergency, and now the little bastard has the whole world on his tail. And as fragile and weird humans may be, we are also capable of great things, and when we work together we are capable of even greater things.

Right now, some of our brightest minds are working to find a cure and when they will find it, this virus will become just another page in history books, as another pest that tried to wipe out humanity and failed miserably.

So Covid19, we’re coming after you.

Until then, guys, stay inside, avoid strange as much as you can and don’t do stupid things that can affect your chances of survival.

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