My fiancee and I have discussed it and have decided that this is what we want in our driveway in a few years once the Mini is paid off. Right now our driveway consists of the Mini, the Audi (runs but needs work), and a 1996 Ford Windstar 3.8 (kind of runs...?). Here’s what we’d like our driveway to look like in 3-5 years:

1) 2006 R53 Mini Cooper S: My Daily (Light Mods to maintain and exemplify its status as a fun daily driver).

2) 2008/2009 Subaru Legacy Outback 3.0R (or XT if we can’t find a 3.0R anywhere): Meredith’s Daily (Light mods for lighting, ride height, durability, childproofing, and cargo usage; replacement for the van.)

3) 1991 Audi 80 Quattro: Backup/Suport vehicle for both of us in the event the Subaru or Mini need shop time, as well as what I’d drive in inclement weather and when volunteering for local rallies. (Long list of repairs and preventative maintenance, plus light suspension, lighting, and underbody protection mods, along with conversion to EFI for better reliability, performance, and fuel economy).


4) 2004/2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder: My weekend warrior and track/autocross toy (Heavily modded brakes, wheels and tires, suspension, and chassis; 2ZZ-GE or K20A2 swap- possibly supercharged...).


I gotta say, I’m pretty lucky to have a lady with such good taste in cars (wagons FTW!) and who’s cool with me having a track toy in the future. Our hope is that by the time the Mini is paid off, she and I will be in a position where she can cover her own costs of buying the Subaru and that I can afford to get a roller MR2 as a starting point.