Saturday in Texas was cold and wet. Thankfully it stopped raining on my on my way from Austin down to San Antonio, but the temps were in the 40's all morning.

This was the final points event for the San Antonio Sports Car Association for the year. They require attendance in at least 7 of the 12 yearly events to be eligible for end of year awards, and I needed it in order to trophy in STP for the year. With STP going away next year, per the SCCA, I had to figure out my new autocross home for next year. My other choice in Street Touring (STU) would put me in competition locally with a group of really hot drivers in modified WRX Subarus that I would never beat, so that’s out. Since I’m unwilling to undo my modifications to put the car back into the Street category, and I’m also unwilling to do the things that would make it competitive in the Street Prepared class, the easiest spot for a pony car to end up is with the other Mustangs and Camaros in the CAM classes. This does free me up to do anything I’d like, so long as I keep running 200 treadwear tires and keep it registered and insured. Locally it’s also giving me a group of V8 Mustangs and Camaros to beat up on in both San Antonio and Austin.


Event attendance was fairly low, so we ran only two heats, and I ended up in the first one. Course conditions improved throughout the day, but the early heat was really wet and though things got better the 2nd heat was much faster. The video does have a couple of notes...

The CAM-C cars also ran in the early heat so we all had the same conditions, making comparison easier. Had I been competing in CAM-C this year I would have taken this event from their best by 1.1 seconds over a 2019 Mustang GT and a 2011 Mustang GT500.


The one other club I’ve done any events with, up in the DFW area, has a much more competitive CAM-C class, so my friends up there may have more trouble.

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