Here we have an excellent example of something...different.

First up we have a 1963 Ford CT-850 with 1500 gallon tanker body by Alexis. Originally purchased by the Sheldon (Illinois) District Volunteer Fire Department in 1963, she was sold to a local Ford dealer in early 2008 to be used as a lot clean-up vehicle (note the front mounted nozzles), and then sold to QuarterLifeCrisis and Mr. QuarterLifeCrisis Sr. in May 2008. She's motivated by a 534 cubic inch Ford "Super Duty" V8, and backed by a 6 speed Allison Automatic. Roughly 3-5 mpg. I also have driven this through a Steak'n'Shake drive thru.

And here we have Charlotte. a 2009(ish) English Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. She was having none of this.


I say part 1, because I think, somewhere, I have photos of her with one of the other fire trucks.

Bonus picture, from the 2011 American Truck Historical Society national show/event type think in South Bend, IN. It made a friend that day. And also was shiny.