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My first Auto-X

Was probably the best day, ever. Awesome cars, awesome owners, doing awesome things.

I mean really, there was everything from Miatas and rental Fiestas to a Lotus Exige and a go kart... thing. It was great being in an environment where everyone has similar interests to you, and seeing what they've done to make their car their own. There were probably at least 20 Miatas there (including my own) and there weren't two that were completely a like. (though I did almost get into the wrong one when I wasn't paying attention)


I did get lost a bit in my first few runs, but after I learned how to follow the cones, I had a hell of a time. I'm absolutely itching for the next event.

Oh, and my car started spewing coolant when I got home. Turns out auto-x wasn't too friendly for my heater hoses. All fixed now though.

Video of the go kart

Pictures of all the awesome cars there

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