My First AUTOart

Sadly, not for me, but a gift for my brother-in-law who is lucky enough in life to own this beast:


(I don’t have posting rights on Live and Let Diecast so I’m sharing this with the fine people of Oppositelock).

I have a very big collection of model cars but they are all “run-of-the-mill” Maisto and Bburago examples. I didn’t understand the snobbery some people displayed towards those brands until now because AUTOart’s GT R is just so much nicer. That being said, those people can still shut it because this single model car costs upwards of 8 times as much as a cheaper brand. It’s worth it in this case because a) it’s a gift, b) it’s a damn good gift since I found the model in the same AMG Green Hell colour.

If you want to see my collection:


Anyways here are a few more photos. Disclaimer: phone camera quality.


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