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My first big boy job: An oppo mini-review

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It’s easy enough, not even using the software they hired me for (photoshop). Just some freeware-lookin’ thing that took like 30 minutes to learn. Gets tedious quickly, though. Enviroment’s very casual. Hours and drive suck, I’ll only be making 15k a year. No paid breaks, no access to wifi during said breaks. Most employees here have other jobs. Don’t have medical coverage until I clock in about 1,500 hours but I’m still taxed for it. Learned this while they explained the affordable care act and basically told me they’re legally obligated to provide coverage. Not because it’s just something a bigger employer should do. So that looked pretty suspect. What takes the cake is the boss there, though. We work on school yearbook photos from all over the midwest, thousands of photos a day, but our software and equipment has seen the last Bush administration. Meanwhile the bossman rolls up every day in an S63 AMG. Except for today when he took out his Turbo S Cabriolet. So at least there’s a reason we’re behind the times. Just wish it was a good one.


Final synopsis: Nice to at least finally have some kind of income, but I’ll be throwing my resume around again after a month or two. Gotta have that “experience” everyone wants so damn much.

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