And at 18, I was aware of how boring it was (this was before I became a wagon thumper) So I tried to do something about it; Enter, the Toyota Camry TS-01. It was a concept car out of Australia, that looked awesome (in lieu of it still being a Camry). I was a supercharged V6 mated to a 5MT, still FF though.

But look at the damn thing! It was beyond gorgeous by beige standards.

So 18 year old me sent various letters to Toyota’s Australian division, inquiring about the concept and if the bumpers, skirts etc. were available for sale...


They were not.... And I should have known that, but inquiring minds and ignorant youths.


I drove my boring camry around till I handed it down to my wife for something more exciting. It still hangs, its a 4 banger XLE (read; fully loaded, leather, heated seats, etc.), and although its never left her/us stranded we always take my car, cause life’s no fun if you arent a little nervous.