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My first Cars and Cantina of 2020!

I missed the January one because I felt miserable so I just had to go to the February one! Not so funny detail, the week following the show the entire house was sick again. I love the cold, I just don’t like getting sick all the time. It is your lot in life when you got young kids in school unfortunately. I was never sick much growing up, but once I got kids? It was all over. But I digress.

I chose to not reserve my spot in the main lot and go as a spectator. The show always sells out and it made no sense to take a spot from a true show car with my vanilla Mustang. I went early and got a parking spot no problem. I might have to leave earlier still as the car show season ramps up though, because the lot quickly filled up.


I was greeted at the show by a beautiful 1970 Charger RT. Those B body MOPARS will always have my love. Another car I enjoyed was the Bricklin. It is so out there. One guy made the remark “That’s from the movie right?” to which I replied. “Are you serious or joking?” Other than the doors it looks nothing like a DeLorean. It also predates the DeLorean by a few years, doesn’t have stainless steel body panels and the engine is very clearly in the front.

I would have put the Cuda or the Bricklin on the front, but since I did a classic last time I chose to put the R8 there. Just to be transparent: I didn’t even mention it at the end. My love for cars is DEEPLY rooted in classics. I still like and love supercars and hypercars, but the love is a different kind of love. I’ll likely never experience what it is like to drive a supercar. I lucked out with all the reviews I have done already. Supercars? They are in a league of their own.


It was a great show, lots of awesome cars. The usual hypercars too, but they come about every month and it is hard to get the shots I want from them so they went ignored (till they pulled out of the lot).

All and all a very nice show and an excellent start to Cars and Cantina 2020 for me. If you went, what was your “whoa” moment when you saw a car? Any time I shoot a car it is because awhoa” moment. Sometimes I plan on shooting a certain car category, but it always goes straight out the window when I walk on the lot.

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