My first Crossover

It’s been a week since I traded my XJ for my Pacifica. My sable’s cooling system is collapsing on itself so I’m in the car I didn’t intend to drive every day, who’s idea was that.

The early Chrysler Pacifica’s were lauded as handsome, but odd. Not quite a minivan, not quite an SUV, a large wagon in all of its essence. Daimler and Chrysler put actual effort to make this a premium vehicle. the interior was original, it had innovative features for 2004 like heated captain chairs front and rear, a power liftgate, Six disk CD changer, GPS (mine doesn’t work), yet slow?


the pre-refresh Pacifica’s had the 3.5 and AWD with apparently a horrible 0-60 of 9.4 seconds (this the fastest car I’ve owned) other than that decent cars.

When I traded for the car I was looking for these qualities for a potential XJ replacement.

More space: Nobody talks about how cramped XJ’s can be when you’re in it all the time

Must retain some form of 4 wheel power

must be comfortable: XJ’s are.. not

Better gas mileage: The Pacifica gets in city MPG what the XJ got on the highway

I’m not writing this to knock the XJ, they are brilliant little trucklets. I want a two door or a Comanche in the future, but I’ve deduced for my lifestyle owning one as a primary vehicle is not cost effective for what it is and compact class.


the Pacifica was the perfect unintentional trade. The prior owner (I work with her) She and her bf are a young central va country couple and the Pacifica did not meet their needs, it rode too low and bottomed out and stayed dusty... I’m still cleaning it.

If more crossovers were more like this I would not mind at all, comfortable, decent power for its weight and age, and decent mpg. it’s not a sports car, but I’m not looking for one at the moment.

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