My First Observed Cell Phone-Distracted Motorcycle Rider

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The stupid son of a biscuit was beside an 18-wheeler at a red light on a 50 MPH 8-lane divided state highway. Hardly any traffic. Light turns green. Truck starts driving off. The motorcyclist, however, was too busy texting his other biker bros to notice the rest of the traffic headed towards his tailpipe at AT LEAST 50.


I’ve seen car drivers do it. Hell, I saw more than three people do it today on the same stretch of road this morning on the way into work. But I have never seen a motorcyclist be so deeply involved in his instatwatterbook posts that he put himself in danger of getting rear ended.

I was the driver coming up at 50-ish directly behind him. Upon seeing his head jammed up his ass, I got over as quickly (and safely) as I could. The driver behind me had to slam on his/her brakes to avoid getting a new hood ornament.



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