Me in the Group B-spec 86 immediately after passing the Peugeot for the win
...and from the other side.
Group B-spec GT-R hanging out with pals in the Nissan museum
I tried to recreate my buddy’s GTI (although his is a 4-door) and went on a little tour with it. He’s from California, so that’s the first stop.
And then it’s off to Germany to attack the Nurburgring! Morning mist was burning off in the fields near the circuit.


McLaren HQ has a problem with people leaving cars where they shouldn’t be.

These are all just from the demo running this week, which is very stingy about giving you cars to use. So despite me playing off-and-on for...most of today, I only have 5 cars in my garage. Looking forward to having the full disc in my hands next week to make use of the full roster of cars and features! I’ve been having a lot of fun with what’s available in the demo.