Hello all,

My name is mycarneverruns87.....for serious....I will surrender my birth certificate for your approval...(don't question my mothers motives) I have recently been accepted into the Oppo society where I can assist in the eventual world domination and bring coffee and stuff.....EXCITED! Glad to be here! I am a gear head through and through like most on here as I eat (fruit loops because they are round like tires), breath (only air scented like C16 race fuel), and sleep (in a bed shaped like Lightning McQueen).

Here are my credentials:

I once rode my bicycle down a very steep hill and didn't die

I can tell you what car something is by looking at the badges ;)

I have beat the block dude game on my scientific calculator

I have over 300 Hot Wheels and counting - seriously, I'm addicted somebody please help

In all seriousness I love anything with an exhaust note and a soul. I have fond memories of my dads old 1980 Porsche 911 SC with 4" super-mega drone exhaust, going to the drags as a kit at M.A.R., mudding in my buddies 1978 F100 in high school, my 01 V6 mustang 5-speed that really taught me how to drive, and riding in an 1100hp twin turbo Ford GT #skaybait plus many many more.

My current projects I am working on consist of finishing and LS swap into my 1989 Mustang coupe...total vehicle build. I have been working on getting my Harley Sportster where I want it in the looks and handling department with plans for a 1200 conversion. I am trying to create my "garage-mahal" and am in need of a ton of white paint!


In closing, I hope to be able to share my stories with you and enjoy what others have shared as well. I feel like I am part of something on here.

Thanks, Bj