Today I received authorship, so I figured I would introduce myself. I'm Tom, originally from New York but moved to North Texas a long time ago. When I was young my father got his 03 V6 Mustang and I just fell in love. That's where it all went downhill and I became a huge gearhead.

A few years ago my mom got a new car, a 2012 Kia Optima SX. Loaded. I was caught off guard by how nice this car was, Kia and Hyundai have really come a long way. This made my dad want to get a new car, so he got a car from CarMax sent down here, a 2010 Mustang GT. To keep it short, something happened and he ended up finding an incredible deal on a brand new 2012 5.0. It was awesome, I never expected a 5.0. To have something like that was just so cool. Until a year later he decided it wasn't enough and ordered his own 2014 5.0.

Anyway, back in February I got my first car, and lucked out big time. It's a long story but in short everything I found earlier was junk. A friend suggested I check out eBay. I still can't believe I never checked earlier, but what I found seemed to good to be true. A 2003 zinc yellow Mach 1 in great condition. There had to be a catch. 30 views per hour, 3 denied offers and 29 watchers. It had to have sold already. But it didn't, we checked it out that night. The car was perfect. We didn't know if we could get it though, so I spent the next two days in agony looking at the pictures. That Friday I would open the garage door and see it in my driveway.


$10,500, 100K miles, a decent clutch, a great interior for the mileage and age and overall it was just well kept. There was a chip on the rear bumper, but that was it.

Until I got rear ended in the school parking lot. That's a whole other ridiculous story, but he ran and his plate created an indent in the bumper. I got a whole new bumper out of it though, so that chip is gone to.

Here's my father's 5.0. We've done a few things to it and have plans to prep it for the track soon.


My Mom now has her second 2014 Kia Cadenza. She's on her second because we switched to a lease, so when it's up she can get her own Mustang.


That's it really. With C&C coming up with this weekend I will hopefully get to share plenty more with you guys!