A few weeks ago I went out to Calabogie Motorsports Park and took part in a ride around the track in one of the tracks race cars.

Having never been in a race car....this was very exciting. (Pictured...the excitement builds)

Instead of the radio...we get a track map & a short shifter Sweet. I didn't ride in this car, but they're all spec'd identically so the only difference was the colour of the door inserts.

The Car

The race car was a fifth gen Ford Mustang (not sure of the exact year). It had the 4.6L V8 and whole host of upgrades like stiffened suspension and roll cage, stripped out interior, and a bunch of other goodies. The car makes 350 HP at 5,700 RPM (jesus) and 340 Ft lb torques. That....is a lot of torques.


I actually learned (many moons ago) to drive stick on a 2003 V8 Mustang, (which is a tough car to learn on because of the ridiculously heavy clutch and weird shifter position) but I digress.

Anyways it was good to get back in a Mustang, and this time, I wasn't driving. I took 4 laps around the awesome 5.05km Calabogie track with Matt (the track kid) as the driver.

The experience:

Waiting patiently....


And we're off!


Oh man. Where do you even begin. On the first corner I saw us approaching at what I would term "way too fucking fast" but then, I am not a race car driver, nor do I drive a Ford Mustang.

However my brain's internal physics engine went like this "we are approaching way above a reasonable speed...therefore we will probably crash".

We didn't crash but gripped our way around the corner, during which I remarked to the driver (OH MANNNNNNN THE GRIP!!) and he said "That's nothing wait until we hit this other corner"


Once we got a lap down I felt a lot more comfortable in the car, I guess knowing you can take corners at ridiculous speeds probably adds to your confidence. Because the gauges are recessed I couldn't really judge the speed, but the driver told me we hit about 180 km/h (111 mp/h) on the fastest parts.

After about 10-12 minutes...it was over...however it won't soon be forgotten. My name is Will and I am a race car addict.

Here is a short video of the shenanigans.