If you’ve been following my posts lately, you might remember that my car was having problems that would be keeping me from racing on Saturday, but I managed to pinpoint and repair the problem the day before. I put my tape on and stared at the ceiling as I tried to sleep that night. I probably got 4 hours of sleep at best, but I got up early enough to make it down in time to buy some snack cakes and a bottle of Mello Yello at the Dollar General next to the track before starting, as one does.

My girlfriend waited in the car as long as she could. She was not thrilled about the mud.
Seriously, this is before we even started. It was sticky as hell. I think my shoes got a couple inches taller.

And this is the only shot I got of the track. I’m still waiting on other people to post up their pictures.

And without further ado, here’s one of my videos showcasing my personal best run of the day, which was also my last. I think that’s pretty much a given for anyone new, though, as we’re not just learning the track, but learning how to race entirely. I didn’t do too great, generally speaking, but for a car that only had 88 horsepower 22 years ago and has both first and second gear lumped together as L, giving me less potential for a powerful launch, I think I killed it.

I still haven’t even started cleaning out my footwells yet. I hate the sound of brushes against fabric, so I still need to psych myself up for this one.


Why, yes, I AM missing a pedal.

And here are the results for the day! I’m the fourth car down, although you could probably figure that out if you know how to read numbers.


Notice, however, that I did manage to beat numbers 1 and 108 in the Prepared AWD category! Poor 108 missed a bunch of gates and added half a minute to his overall time.

I also used AAA for the first time after this! Apparently, one of my earlier runs knocked a battery cable loose. It was still on enough that I could start the car and keep going, but it wasn’t on enough for the alternator to fully recharge it each time. When I stopped for gas, I couldn’t get it going again and had to call in a tow truck to give me a jump.

I also got a couple weird looks as I was smacking the battery terminal with a wrench, but I’m the race car driver so shut up.


All in all, this was extremely fun! I highly recommend it to everyone, and I’ll sure as hell be making this a regular thing.