997 Turbo=Fastest Car I've Ever Driven in EVER!!!

Took the 911 out to Woodward again last night and hung around for a bit. Had to take it back home at 9PM(Dad's rules) and get the ST.

When I got back to the meet. This was there. A very gorgeous Silver 997 Turbo. I was so excited that I parked in a handicapped spot to snap this picture. The Driver was actually someone who I had met a couple weeks back, but never asked about his car, you could only imagine the pure pants-igniting excitement I felt when I saw who was driving it.


He's a very friendly guy and we talked for a bit about the car, and what he's got planned for it. He's already ordered Stage 1 parts for it to bump it up to 600+ Horsepower!(That's 991 Turbo S Power that only cost him about $2200!) He'll have the parts this Tuesday and the next I ride I take in that car will be terrifyingly good! :D

But for now, let's talk about this drive. Sitting in this car, it had more of a "911 feel" than the 991 I was in last month, the interior felt nice and Porsche-like, very comfortable; not so much as a 991 but that's OK because I'm a firm believer in the fact that Porsche shouldn't about luxury and lazy comfort driving, it's a god damn sports car! :P


I liked this interior more than the 991 period!

He took me for a ride up to the gas station and back. The ride is very smooth and just about perfect as any Porsche should be. From the passenger seat, I could tell the handling was excellent. But more important than that, was THE POWER!!!


Such Horsepower, many Torque, so Scare, much Turbo, very Flat, WOW! I felt my stomach go backwards and it felt GOOOD! Raced a Civic too, and gave it a two car head-start...hehehe. All in all, fun was had last night.

Also, this right-hand rive Suzuki showed up last night too, I haven't a clue what it is.