Since the wife had to work today, I decided to check out and see what was up today. Saw there was a "Supercar Saturdays" meet going on, and decided to make the hour-long trek. It was a beautiful morning for a cruise...

Personally I think they should just rename this series of events to "Cars and Coffee" (or anything else), because while there were a lot of beautiful and interesting vehicles, there just weren't enough of what we would call 'exotics' to merit the "Supercar" appellation. I know that's a nit-pick, but I promise you that within 50 miles of the place- the greater Chicagoland area- there are enough exotics to overflow that lot.

Sure, there was a Lotus Club represented, and about a dozen GTRs, but I can drive down dealership row on Ogden Avenue and see those...

Still, I'm not sorry I went! Here are some highlights;


So. Much. Sexy!

Track-ready, and obligatory. Not a bad thing!


I swear, I'm not biased towards Porsches... here- here's a Lambo!


Resto-modded Impala- check out the lump.


Apparently a rapper owned this motor.

Looks like he had a thing for over-sized posteriors; also, apparently for sale!