So in the past week with the arrival of REALLY cold weather, I had one instance of my car almost not starting (and the battery voltage got low enough that my radio reset), my passenger side windshield wiper decided to start falling off and a headlight went out.

It proves the old superstitious say that things happen in threes.

So I got the replacement parts at Crappy Tire.

The battery is over 5 years old now. So I’m not surprised it’s due to be replaced. What did surprise me is the realization that the previous owner had installed an undersized battery. The new one (in the correct size) is 2-3” wider.


Also at Crappy Tire yesterday when getting a new headlight bulb... there are the el cheapo ones for around $10... and the next step up to either longer life or brighter ones TRIPLES the cost. And the high end halogen bulbs are now going for $50 to $60.

It it used to be that you might pay 50% more for a regular long life bulb and the only time you would pay triple was for the high end halogens.

I went for the el cheapo bulb and see how well it does.

For the much bigger premium they’re asking for better halogen bulbs, I might decide to do an LED headlight conversion: