I guess the second owner after me figured out they didn’t want to spend the money to make it right either. That’s two owners in about one year...

Still looking good!
Still looking good!
Image: Facebook

I had big plans for the car, but I too didn’t want to spend the money to EFI or LS swap the car to make it less temperamental. This is a true ‘carb’ guys type of car. It needs some true TLC to make it easy to drive.

When I sold the car it was nearly drivable. It did need some taller gears as the 4.10 made any drive over 55mph an expensive and loud adventure at about 3500rpm.

I hope the seller gets his price and it finds someone who will do it right. It’s listed at about the same price I sold it for with double the mileage (500 now!).

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