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My Friend Had Dinner With Elon Musk...

...and all I got was this keychain. Here is the story. I have a friend to used to run a very successful environmental and research firm in NYC. Over the years he has gotten to know several big-name science and celebrity folks (James Cameron, Clive Cussler, Peter Benchley, etc...). Even though he has retired from that job, every year he gets to go to this fancy dinner that serves weird food like chocolate covered scorpions with the big-time science and celebrity people. This year one of the main speakers was Elon Musk. Needless to say I was pretty jealous when I heard he would be hanging out with Mr. Musk for the evening. He spoke with Musk for a little bit and said that Elon was, "A little shy around people he didn't know well, but really got going when talking about his projects. He didn't discuss Tesla much other than he was really disappointed in the NJ decision, as his main reason for attending was to talk about Space X." Knowing how much of a Telsa supporter I am my friend asked Elon for a car for me. And I don't mean in a joking way...that's not how he rolls. He just strait-up asked if I could have a Model S. Well...I am not the current owner of a P85+, but I got this cool keychain.

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