Anybody else have a Jalop friend who you just can't get to see eye-to-eye with you?

I will say first off that they are healthy differences, but just nagging details that you wish you could change...

We're real good friends and he's the only one I talk extensively about cars with. I just went to the NY Auto Show with him yesterday so we talked about cars even more than usual and it became really obvious to me that he a) is really stubborn with his ways and b) is falling too far into the V-Dub/Audi ways (there's fandom and then there's excessive fanboyism).

Of course, we have our own opinions and preferences and share some as well (and of course we're both Jalops - except he doesn't read this site) but some things...


He's a big Audi (transitioning from VW) guy and as of recent months, he's been garnering an affection for slammed (nbd) and stance cars. This isn't a huge issue, but I'm worried that it might get out of hand, considering the taste he's been developing, starting with slammed cars and then moving closer to more extreme stance. I reprimand him whenever he sends me hellaflush/extreme stance pictures.

So that's one "problem". Another one which became even more open at the Auto Show was his disdain for BMW. The thing isn't even that he doesn't car for the cars (he does like classic Bimmers), but he's just stuck in this mindset where he thinks that EVERY BMW owner is a d-bag and somehow that goes up the chain and affects BMW as a company and the cars they make. Plus I'm sure even more of it comes from the big Audi/BMW rivalry which he has seemed to personify very strongly recently. To help explain this problem, imagine somebody that doesn't even want to be around (or even look at) an M3, M5, and M6 on the floor of the auto show.


Oh and two other things:

He's really bad at theoretical car choice games. I know wouldn't buy either of these super expensive cars but you can still pick one that you'd prefer to have and imagine how cool it'd be to have one!! XD


And he was looking at transmission options way too seriously at the auto show also. C'mon, you know that 99% of new cars come with some form of an automatic transmission (in the U.S.) and yet you still get repulsed when you see a car on the floor without a stick shift? You're not ever going to buy any of these new cars anyway!!