I have a friend, who we shall call Betty for this story, because that's nowhere close to her real name. Betty is a smart girl, and a car girl. She went to the Ice Cream Cruise (at a different time from me), and more importantly, her dad has a 2001 Audi A8L (black, not beige), which automatically makes their whole family cool. Now Betty, being the car girl that she is, loves her little black C-class, and takes good care of it. But alas, Betty is a self-admitted bad driver. And so it came to pass that over the weekend, while driving late at night through an unfamiliar and "sketchy" town, Betty had a little accident. Her GPS told her to turn, but rather than turning at the road just ahead, she accidentally turned down a set of main line train tracks. And got her car stuck. On a main line train track. Fortunately, no train hit her car. But still, all those stories you read about people following their GPS into lakes or off cliffs (or onto train tracks) are not just random Floridians on the internet. It happens to real people, and it can happen to YOU.

Unless you tend to look where you are driving.