This bike is inspiring me to become a better man! I had ZERO interest in bikes until the afternoon I saw the Indian Scout Sixty article on Jalopnik that was shared from Lanesplitter. Love at first sight! Then that love grew even more once I saw that model’s older sister! *rrrawwrr.* This weekend I’ve been in a motorcycle safety course as a stepping stone to finding out if I even like bikes. So far...ah lawd, yes!!!! I’ll aim for receiving the endorsement on my license after Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll be ready to start saving up for one of these.

This is still quite a ways out though since I want to own a home before I start looking into getting a bike (I’ll rarely ride, I already know it). Here’s the spec I want in regards to the Scout. I’m fine with the Scout Sixty as well, it just depends on what’s the best preowned deal at the time.