My Genesis Turned One Yesterday

Rather, it’s been a year since I drove it off the lot.

After living with it for a year, it’s becoming difficult to window shop on or ebay as most cars either have horsepower that I see becoming excessive (Still struggling to find out where this ridiculous opinion of mine came from) or the price just seems completely outrageous given the Genesis’ mighty handling characteristics and the beast of a NA engine under the hood.


Let’s take two examples I’m keen on (I have not driven and cannot yet afford these): Cayman S/GTS, Corvette Stingray. Both have interiors that are a step up, but then I see a reach for price justification.

The Stingray seems like the next logical step for me later in life, but then I am not sure more power is really worth it if I can’t really use it on the road.

The torque is completely useable in the Genesis in every situation I find myself. Comparing it to what Henry Catchpole says about the Aston V8 Vantage N430, if I may, “[the acceleration] isn’t exactly thump-in-the-back fast, but its fast enough, and the chassis is arguably where the magic happens;” this is exactly how I feel about Hyundai’s Genesis.

The 3.8 liter V6 power unit is tremendous, perhaps the best NA V6 felt at the wheels. The engine revs like a Muscle car, but all the chassis wants to do is take a mountain pass. Sure, the gearbox isn’t great, but that’s really only from 1st to 2nd at low speeds, not when this car comes alive.


I love the new Cayman, but a power decrease seems wrong. Perhaps the chassis is better in the Porsche, but is the electrically-assisted power steering?


I have respect for the Genesis’ R-Spec chassis, growing to know how to make it step out and knowing how to bring it back. I know where the limit of grip is through hydraulically-assisted steering telling me the tires are pushing.

And maybe it’s all a romanticization of a first love.

The struggle I’m now encountering is: do I keep modding and improving the Genesis, or save that money for a newer car as this one will eventually grow old (30,000 miles already gone in my first year).


I have already gotten new wheels (TSW Nurburgrings), Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, Winter Tires, K&N air filter, Pedals, and badges. I am contemplating a new exhaust (perhaps when the powertrain warranty runs out at 100k) and a carbon hood.


Anyways, I really love my car; it’s changed my automotive aspirations. Never thought I’d hit gold on my first car. Happy belated Birthday.

Thanks for being the type of car that makes me recycle my rears at a rate 2-3 times faster than my fronts...

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