So far, as some of you may know if you read my last post, I have seen three manufacturer test mules. Two of which I was lucky enough to catch on video, and one of those two I even got some pictures of. Though for the third and most recent, I have nothing.

First: I was "traveling" at a decent rate of speed in the left lane of an Autobahn heading toward Munich and something catches my eye. What looks to be a white car about 8/10ths of a kilometer away, heading the opposite direction on the Autobahn. The only reason it caught my eye from that far is because it executed a three lane, right side pass at a crazy speed and then return to the left lane. As I see it pass me, on the opposite side, I see it is no ordinary white car. It is a near fully camouflaged test mule. To me, it looked like some sort of small BMW, this would also make sense logistically. What do you guys think?

Second: Later that same day on the same road, I notice a camouflaged BMW in my rear view mirror. As a response to this, I yell at my friend to grab my SLR and shoot some pics. It seemed to be a plain ol' 4 series Bimmer, possibly a 435i or something. I don't think it was anything all too special, possibly/probably just some engineer doing highway testing.


Third (as posted earlier): I was walking down a semi major road in Stuttgart with my friend and a 2014 S-class covered in black goes by. So pissed I didn't have my camera, but whatever. I couldn't tell if it was an AMG or not, but I have a feeling it was.

And here is that reaction video, as promised. It is our reactions from when that first test mule went by. Please forgive me for my annoying voice, NSFW language, nonsense english and any poor decisions made in this film.

Photo credit: Mars478 and my GoPros