Sometimes I wish my life was as simple and fulfilling as Ralph’s. For those that care to know what happened, read below.

Started dating last September and it was great. It was her first relationship, so I knew it would take some time for her to catch on. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but everything was still great and I enjoyed her immensely. We were great together. Then, in November she decided that she would be studying abroad in Australia. I worried because I didn’t think the relationship was far enough along for us to survive her trip. But, we persisted and built up a strong relationship in 4.5 months. We both agreed that we would stay together and make it work, even though we both knew she wasn’t good with communication and showing emotions.

She leaves, and it’s really rough for me. I miss her more that anything. She became a part of my life, but it didn’t seem the same for her. I felt unimportant and ignored. She was on vacation and couldn’t give a fuck. We talked, but not nearly as much as I wanted to, and this upset me. I complained about this and told her how much she meant to me. Still, no improvement. So, mid-June, we are so distant and annoyed with one another that we decide to take a break. I thought, ‘ok, let’s just take a break and make things work when you get back’. So, I tried as hard as I could to push away all the bad stuff and really start to figure out why I wanted to be with her. It was tough, but I stayed optimistic and really wanted to be with her, even though most of the problem was her fault. I’m too nice, and I know it.

So, FINALLY, after 5.5 months we meet. It was very awkward. Right off the bat she said she was annoyed with me and didn’t want to be with me right now. I didn’t know why she said that, but now I do. She’s childish and couldn’t say sorry. She was also spoiled her whole life and didn’t realize that I did everything I could for her, am I’m not here exaggerating that. I would’ve done anything for her. Additionally, I doubt she really cared about me, because if she did she would have given me a chance. She claimed that she has ‘changed’. Like I wouldn’t want to still be there for her and continue learning about her and growing together? What the fuck is her problem? If anyone should have broken up with anyone, I should have stopped dealing with her shit; But no, I’m the nice guy and I end up looking foolish.

After the breakup she still told me that I was a great guy, and so did her mother (I was the boyfriend that brought her mother flowers for Easter even though her daughter was 10,000 miles away). I don’t think anyone is happy with her decision, especially her mother and close friends. I’m close with her roommate and she said I was the best thing that ever happened to her and that she won’t find another guy like me ever again. Her loss, right? Just sucks that we have the same friend group.


Thank you for all of you that made it this far. Please comment so I can get over this more quickly.