My Female Friend Needs a Beater

Hey guys. I’ve got a friend who currently drives a manual FR-S (she’s pretty bad-ass.) She currently lives in Chicago, and drove it all through the winter without any issues, however she is moving to Orlando, Florida this week, and is looking to get a second beater car - mostly due to the fact that she has a giant dog that kinda-sorta-but-not-really fits in the back of the FR-S.

To give you an idea of what she wants, she was looking at an IS300, which she says she can get for around $7k. I suppose it might not be a bad car, but IMHO, if I already had a super-sporty car, I’d want my beater to be something on the other end of the spectrum, such as a small SUV, or at least just a wagon for the dog... (Outback?) Basically something with room to haul stuff, and that can go off the beaten bath a bit and basically cover a lot of the bases that the FR-S doesn’t. I feel like the IS300 overlaps a bit too much to be the most sensible option.

She challenged me to find her a better option, and said the only rule was that it couldn’t be American, lol. I’d personally look into an older Outback, as I think it is the perfect all-around vehicle, but she wants something “as reliable as a Toyota.” I HAD a 98 Outback for 8 years, which was incredibly reliable, so long as you replaced the head gaskets every 100k miles (so maybe that disqualifies it), but that doesn’t mean the all are. I’m a Subaru nut, so if I suggest a Subaru she’ll just think I’m being a fanboy (I am.)

Anyone have any suggestions that will make me look good?


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