I was actually planning on writing a post about how proud I am of her driving, but now.... She got her permit on Wednesday and I let her drive the Kia on the road for her first time. She did remarkably well, so I let her drive again on Thursday. I probably shouldn’t have...

She was backing out of a parking space when the truck behind us suddenly lurched forward. He had flashed his lights at her to signal that he was letting her out, but I guess he got impatient. Anyway, she saw him moving toward us and panicked. Put the car in drive, hit the gas, forgot to turn the wheel, panicked again, and mashed the gas thinking it was the brake. We went right into the back of a parked Altima as its owner was walking up to it. I’m just thankful that this woman wasn’t already putting her groceries in the trunk or she would probably have lost her legs.

Luckily, she was very calm and understanding. My girlfriend got out of the car crying and told the other driver that she had only had her permit for a day, and the other driver told her that it happens to everyone and she shouldn’t worry about it too much. We exchanged information and both kept reassuring my girlfriend that nobody was mad at her. In the end, no report was filed, the Altima got a small scuff, and I took the majority of the (very minor) damage.


Is there anything I should do about the cracked paint to keep it from getting worse, or an I SOL on that?