My girlfriend got me a NASCAR racing experience for my birthday

I went fast. I turned left.

Nashville Superspeedway is a 1.33 mile tri-oval that's been closed since 2011. That didn't stop the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience from paying the bank that owns it to let a bunch of overweight middle aged "exactly what you picture out of the demographic" people to come drive severely limited ex-race cars... and me... I showed up too.

The brochure says you can bring your own race suit, helmet, and HANS device. I did that. If you get the opportunity, don't do that. I fielded more questions about why I had a different suit and plain white helmet and what HANS stands for than I ever imagined out of a group of people that like racing.


The car is loud and shaking everything, there's nothing but a spotter in the tower talking into headphones to let me know what to do, and I'm strapped into a 500 hp race car. They have you take off, get to 4th gear and then pull onto the track and make some laps...

... it's awesome. I don't care if you like NASCAR or think it's for redneck idiots or not. Anyone would enjoy this.

The cars are governed to 5k rpms. RWRE claims that's 130mph. They encourage use of brakes. I never used them. It was awesome to lift off at corner entry, drive down the banking, and then apply throttle back to 100% at or before corner exit.


I got more comfortable with the car after about 3 laps, I started hitting the rev limiter about 3/4 of the way down the straights. The spotter informed me to stay out of it to go quicker. By lap 10, I was getting into the rev limiter as the banking leveled out and riding it the full way down the straightaway. My spotter informed me that I had done a good job and it was time to come in. I obliged him.


That cheese!!!

Seriously. If you like racing, do this. It's a week later and I'm still excited.

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