I'm super late for work, but I just got out of the shower.. Why so late you ask? my gf is a fucking Idiot with winter related car duties. Instead of waking me up early for help clearing off her car and and the drive way, what does she do? just guns it and gets stuck at the bottom of the drive way where she got stuck last night! and then just like last night proceeded to spin the tires and proceeds to create a damned ice patch where she did last night! took me 3 hours to clear it last night and another two vs a few moments worth of shoveling! I laid soo much salt to make shoveling the 6 inches of fresh snow we got over night easier! BUT NOOOOO she just had to go fuck it all up again... *sigh* she's lucky I love her!

Have the vehical I'm starting to think she needs instead of her malibu for your time..