My Girlfriend’s Rental, AMA

The focus wasn’t totaled in the end, but we’ll have this for a few weeks. We are moving next weekend and going to the smokies the weekend after that, so we’ll get our use out of it.


we also had to put her cat down yesterday. She has Been really selfless and adopted senior cats her last two cats to give them good homes to spend the rest of their life in. Unfortunately, that means that you don’t know what you’re getting into, and it was the second time in 8 months we’ve had to do it. She had the first for about three years, but I have a feeling the last owner of her cat must’ve just dropped It in the wild after not wanting to deal with health issues. Tough couple of days, but I know the cat appreciated her spoiling it in a nice home at the end of his life instead of dying in a pound.

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