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My Girlfriend's Taurus is Confusing Me (Updated)

So today I noticed that her 2002 Taurus SE has this badge:

Now that would signify it has the 3.0L Duratec, correct?

But, it only has the badge on the driver's side and there's nothing under the hood that says Duratec. But there's nothing under the hood that says Vulcan either.


I'm thinking maybe the engine cover was lost at one point and maybe it is in fact a Duratec, or the fender was replaced at one point with one that has the "24 DOHC" badge and it's a Vulcan.

Could someone use the VIN to put this to figure this out? It's driving me nuts.

Edit: Found a thing, the 8th digit in the VIN being U means it's a Vulcan.


Which also means her car has probably been in an accident at one point.

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