Let me be concise: This is how you do it. Y’all (BBC) got dunked on. Posterized. Shutout. Other... sports metaphors! Not that you didn’t see it coming. Oh, no I’m sure you saw it coming but, much like a LaFerrari joke, it was coming and there was nothing you could do about it.

Everything you wanted was there again: the three very distinct personas and the interplay that comes with it. The interplay is especially fun and funny. When these three genuine friends get together with Andy Wilman, they make some very, very funny television. The other memorable Top Gear features are there as well: the genius cinematography and editing which I feel might be the most unsung hero of the relaunched Clarkson, Hammond and May Brand™.

It was smart to start with what was essentially Top Gear’s unfinished masterpiece as the central focus of the Grand Tour’s first episode but it was also a safe choice. I expect things will be getting more ridiculous very soon.

What the full ‘Ama-ZIN’ experience looks like. The trivia crawl is actually pretty fun and includes every artist and song that is in the episode.

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