My Mom sent me this picture of her father seated with 3 friends of his. Does anyone know what vehicle that is? This would've been taken in the 1930's. She knows it didn't belong to our family.

A little bit of Agrajag's family history:

Growing up in Kentucky he had stints in the mines and as a farmhand. Losing sight in one eye at a young age and color blind in the other, after numerous attempts to enlist, he was eventually accepted into the Army near the end of the second world war. He met my Grandmother at a USO event and they settled in Newark, NJ. They lived on the 3rd floor of a 3 story house that her father built. My Great-Grandfather built things while my Grandfather maintained the vehicles and various equipment. He was apparently quite the skilled mechanic.

I never knew him. He died 7 years before I was born. I'm told by family, that of his grandchildren I'm the most like him. He didn't have many possessions and my Grandmother disposed of things like clothing. I'm proud to have his service hat and his razor.


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