What’s 79 years old and has almost 250 horsepower? My grandmother, who this past weekend got a deal on this 18' Buick.

This broadsided me because: I didn’t think my grandma had money away like that seeing as she’s retired,and I didn’t think she would want something like this. I knew she wanted a car, but damn

I usually go visit her on Sundays to see if she needs a ride to church. I get there and this is sitting at the curb. Of course I’m thinking damn that’s nice. So I go inside and ask my mom did she see that nice Buick wagon sitting outside. She says “Oh she didn’t tell you?” I go “Who didn’t tell me what?” She was granny got it yesterday. I almost said what the fuck out loud but I don’t curse in front of my mother so I go to her room to find my grandmother with the owner’s manual open, reading it. Without looking up she asks me “ Are Regal brakes good”? I didn’t know what to say but us of course. So I asked her did she really buy that and she looked at me like I was crazy and said yes.

She then went into how she got a deal on it and that she asked for a senior discount and the sales manager gave her 4 grand off because apparently this had been there for a little while and said “Hows that for a discount?” And I’m just still blown away by this whole thing. I’ll post a video soon of her driving it soon while I’m still left scratching my head over this.