So I was replacing the thermostat yesterday, not other problems with it besides the engine being below operating temp. Then when I’m done and go to start...Nothing. I tried 5-7 times and got nothing before it started normally. But now when I drive it the battery light comes on when I initially hit the brakes or turn on the A/C.

I went to get the battery checked and the guy at advanced auto said it’s fine, along with the alternator which was replaced 3 weeks ago.


I also noticed at night the headlights will flicker when i hit the brakes and dim if I turn on the A/C. Yes A/C at night in winter because Houston.

Anyway. The important thing is I’m supporting my car during this important stage in it’s life. I’ll go to the junkyard tomorrow and get him a few VW badges and Corrado(?) He seems a little to classy to be a golf.

Oh yeah, does this air filter need to be replaced? They’re normally nasty when I do, but this one is in between so I’m not sure.



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