I will try to give my take, chronologically as per the show.

Evans must be reading these and other blogs, because in studio he starts off less shouty, but by the end of the episode, well, I guess old habits die hard. I have been saying for weeks now, that he doesnt display the vocabulary that either of the 3 “wise” men had. Well he must have heard me, because for a 10 second stretch in the Zenos E10s film, he threw out every adjective he could. Nice try, but thats not how this works, thats not how any of this works!

The stig intro is funny, but having the crowd shout “the stig” is super cheesey. I think everyone wants LeBlanc to more “Joey” than LeBlanc.

Matt LeBlanc’s Video is fairly decent. He describes the car very well. I even love when he throws in the word “shouty”. (I think Evans did this in the last episode too. I feel like its their way of saying, “we hear you, but we don’t care”) He does an ok job, and even does a Clarkson pause, “even though the Dawn will do 155mph if called upon, you get the sense.....it would prefer to call ahead and let them know you’ll be late”. His vocabulary is slightly impressive, even if its already written for him, at least he can use those words comfortably. Its overall a pretty good film. LeBlanc’s voice could borrow some of that Evans shout. But only just a little.


Harris in the M2/RS3. Simply excellent. He carried the spirit of the old show with him. This really reminded me of what was so great about the 3 “wise” men. Even the arbitrary “scientific fun-o-meter 3000". Kinda corny, but with polish, it could be awesome. Loved it. NEED MORE OF THIS!!!

SIRCC needs to die, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! Replace it with the Extra Gear, Rory and Harris does the News PLEASE!!! I dont want to see “stars” slowdown to go into the dirt, make a hand brake turn and do a little jump. I JUST DONT!!! ITS BORING. Bring back the old track route and pre “best lap” bloopers, and have ONLY ONE STAR, NOT TWO.


Rory’s Video Starts off well and I wish it was a bit longer. It was kind of truncated in the actual act. It was very much what most tech companies call, “high level”. Get from point A to point B in X amount of time, and oh yea, tiredness. Where was the boredom, where was the dealing with modern traffic, where was dealing with modern police or avoiding drawing their attention, where was the anxiety of filling up quickly and taking bathroom breaks and buying snacks and drink and paying up before the pump finished filling up? It was good, but it did have potential to be better. Maybe it was truncated so as not to overshadow Evans or LeBlanc’s Video maybe.I did love how they talked to the Jaguar test driver who inspired this video.

Moving on to the LeBlanc and Evans joint video. It could have used better challenges. The footballers bit was decent. The smell test was kind of hokey and frankly boring and their smell tester had the personality of a plastic Jameson cap, a race to see how fast the top would go up would have been more along the lines of the old show. Evans description of “old vs new” was pretty lacking. I would have said something along the lines of “old money, vs new money”. The dancers and farmers and the “vote” was meh. Lackluster ending to a film that had more potential. I could barely stay awake through this, but I toughed it out so i could get to extra gear.



Rory’s Rolls Film was decent. The only thing i could think of to make it better would have been to give the actual owners pick up experience, with che champagne, the Rolls Royce rep, the oogling and ahhing of the car, and he handing over of the keys. Felt like another truncated video.


The Harris Hooning a GT3RS seemed kind of out of place, and random. But Chris Harris Hooning anything is always welcome.

Coulthard Vs Ricciardo was random as all hell, Should have been part of the main Zenos film. Would have made the evans Zenos film more palatable. Cool segment would have made the Evans film much better.


Rory and Harris do the news! Pretty great. Pretty awesome. Needs to replace SIRCC ASAP.

Rory with guest was a bit off. But this would have been a good setup segment to his point A to B in time video. This would have been a good opportunity for the guest to talk about and build up the challenge. If this guest was the SIRCC, that segment might have been better. Yea yea, i know how old he is, but still.


Well. Thats that. Thanks for the read!