My humble abode

It's nothing to write home about. 1320 sq feet (largest on the block). No garage, no bar (yet), no place for a pool table, but it's home. This was taken in spring of 2013. The Focus is at home, the SPG is not (and obvs running at this point), old roommate's stuff is still there and we were fighting a losing battle with weeds on that crappy red wood crap. The crappy red wood crap is still there; I haven't decided what to do with that slope (not a slur, guys. Really). My ideas are:

Grass it - mowing would suck
Shrubbery it - would look better than wood crap
Block it in with pavers, like the other side - expensive
Xeriscape it - no ideas here
Rock it - I hate rocks almost as much as I hate wood crap



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