My Idea For The Ultimate Sportscar Racing Series

Let's bring back the spirit of Group 7 (Can-Am).

Today's World

Today's GT racing series are over-restricted and governed. Even stupid things like BOP exist so that it really doesn't matter who has the best car. It's all getting silly, and there are few works teams competing outside of endurance events, primarily the FIA WEC. Endurance racing isn't very crowd friendly, and in many places struggles to draw viewers and an on-track audience. (just look at when WEC visited COTA).


The Plan

Let's bring back old school pro-scheme events, for GT cars. No pro-am(just pro), no pitstop, one driver per car. One or two races within a weekend. Short enough to refrain from pitstops, long enough to have space for development throughout the race. So bascially from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Nearly unlimited technical regulation will allow manufacturers to put the latest in technology to the test. I'll go in the regulations point by point in the next paragraph. Plan is to make the series attractive enough for bigger teams so that they see what they can gain from it. Get some big names in too, i.e. Mark Webber in a 911.

The series will only visit known circuits with a reputation for not being boring. Imola, Monza, Spa, Brands Hatch, Laguna Seca, Nürburgring (Nordschliefe 24h ofc) etc. No "Tilkedromes".

The Rules

Here come the regulations. Where there are restrictions, I'll explain the reason for them in a separate section below the bulletpoints.

  • Cars must be based on an existing production model, it must retain it's original chassis and bodywork. (I.e. no "silouette" racers).
  • The engine block must be the same layout as the production model. However, you may bore it up or down, add a turbo, add KERS etc. As long as the basic engine is the same as the production car. (So you can't put a V12 in a 458 etc.)
  • The car may not be wider than a certain width. One width for the bodywork, and one width for the peripheral aerodynamic modifications. (TBA)
  • Length is unlimited.
  • Aerodynamics are unlimited. "DRS", Active Aero, HUUGE rear wings, splitter, longtail cars etc.
  • Transmission is free.
  • Tyre width and rim selection / size is free.
  • Series will be run on control fuel. However, teams may apply for exemption. For example Ferrari has strong ties to Shell, so they may apply and have Shell supply their fuel.
  • Series will have a spec tire, continously being developed for optimum grip. As with fuel, teams or manufacturers may apply for exemption if they have a strong working connection to a separate manufacturer.
  • The production model the race car is based upon may not have more that 750 HP.
  • Permanent 4wd is banned. Production cars with 4wd must be converted.
  • There will be no BOP. No reversed grids. The fastest driver wins. There are no prizes for being effiecent, using the least fuel, being durable. There is one prize, the prize for being on the podium.
  • One driver per car. It will be a Pro-series. Famous names and famous manufactureres.
  • Regulations allow cars such as the 599XX EVO, MC12 Corsa, FXX, Zonda R entry.
  • No budget cap.
  • No testing restricions.
  • No minimum weight.

Explaining The Regulations

There is no point using an engine in a road-based racecar that will never see the road. The goal of the series is to push innovation on GT cars. To test the ultimate and latest in technology.


Cars may not be too wide, as they must somewhat resemble a car that can be used on the road. Anything super wide can't be used on the road. No point in developing a super wide car. They have to look more like GTC cars than LMP cars.

The production car may not have more than 750 hp because the series is aimed at cars in the GT / Sport segment. If you allow manufacturers like Koenigsegg in, their cars will not fit in with cars such as the MP4-12c, 458, 911, Z4, SLS, GT-R, R8 etc. etc.


4WD is banned because most sportscar manufacturers produce rear wheel drive cars. There is no point for BMW to produce a 4wd Z4, Ferrari a 4wd 458 etc. So they shouldn't have to develop a 4WD system for the cars.

To Summarize

Wouldn't an "unlimited series" like this be awesome? Twin turbocharged, active aero-fitted, 900-1000 hp GT cars going flat out at the most famous racing circuits in the world? Easy for viewers to follow, short races so their attention won't go away. Famous brands and names to relate too.


What would be your ultimate GT series? What rules and regulations would you run? Let us know in Kinja below!

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