Does anyone remember Pole Position? I have fond memories of playing Pole Position at Jax Grill in Bellaire, TX as a child.

It was such a simple game, but at the time the steering wheel control was revolutionary. Well, to a younger Jayhawk Jake, it was a big deal. One thing I remember was the gear selector…

You had low gear and high gear. I don't think I really understood what it did, but I do sort of remember starting in low gear and shifting to high gear. So what if an electric car had a two speed (or more) transmission like this?

No, it wouldn't be as fun as a clutch and 6 speed, but it's something that makes driving more interactive. And actually, at least one electric racecar has done it:

I for one would love to have an electric car with an added little bit of interaction. For your normal owner, the car could just have a drive mode that runs the car in the 1:1 final drive. Then for those of us who want to have a little more fun, flip it over into 2 speed mode. It'd be like playing a video game on the road.