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So, here it is guys. My first ever "proper" review on behalf of and Infiniti. I really hope you'll all take the time to support me and give this a read and a share by clicking on the link below!

Infiniti QX70 3.0d Review


If you wondering how my week with the Infiniti went, well, it went great. Up until I had the car for the week I hadn't been able to travel much. I have a very bad back as you might know, and my Skoda (who's days are now numbered) just isn't suitable for getting me around. The Infiniti (along with it's height!) came at just the right time for me, and as you'll see in the review, we got some absolutely terrific shots. I told you Devon is beautiful!

I have to say it's also been great working with Infiniti during the organisation stage, they've been very helpful and very well organised and always happy to answer my questions. With it being my first review, I was a little nervous about writing it, but it's all done now and I'm pleased with what I've written. Hopefully potential buyers or just people curious about the car or the brand will now get a useful insight into it.

Many thanks once again guys, I hope you like the review. As I said before, any shares and stuff are much appreciated! Thanks for the support!

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