Having recently acquired a Bluetooth ODBII adapter, I was looking at the various fun running information on my phone on Saturday. My supposed "light pressure" turbo is putting out 12 lbs of boost. It was only about 50°, and I double checked what units the torque app was set to. They're generally reported to run 6-8 psi.

After looking through multiple forums, it seems indicative of either an aftermarket ECU, or HPT swap. I don't have any experience driving LPT's to compare it too, but it feels like it spools like others, from what people describe. You can tell when the boost hits if your paying attention, if not it just feels like part of the regular torque curve.

I'll have to do some digging around this weekend for anything that looks out of place. Hopefully someone knew what they were doing.

Or maybe something is just whack, or I'm reading it wrong.

EDIT: A few details a forgot to mention. '97 850 GLT, VIN check confirms that info.


For your time, here is an 850 that definitely does not have an LPT.