My interactions with a road rager.

I pulled up to the stop and saw the Explorer down the hill coming up towards me. I had plenty of time so I pulled out onto the street and started accelerating up to 60 or ~5 over the limit.

The Explorer keeps bearing down on me and instinctually I accelerate. Before I know it I’m going 80 and cresting the hill and this guy is right on my tail. Not a big deal he can easily pass me on this side of the hill as it is a legal passing zone, it is clear and he has the momentum.

I start slowing down and he saws the wheel to the left maintaining his rocket like speed and then darts back into the lane. “Where’s the fire buddy?” I think to myself.


For some reason I cannot fathom he gets on the brakes and he gets on the brakes hard. Fortunately I was already slowing and so it wasn’t a huge issue but it was clear that what he was doing was intentional. I take the next left onto my road and forget about this guy.

Fast forward to some months later. Going over the same hill but the other side. It is late afternoon, sunny, I’m maintaining my normal ~5 over, I’ve got my son and we’re heading to the library. Someone starts approaching quickly from behind and we’re crossing over from the 55 to 40 zone when this guy goes screaming past me.

I honk my horn and flash my highbeams at him to try to let him know it’s 40mph. That’s when he stands on the brakes. It’s that same Explorer, vet tags and thin blue line sticker.

Dude guy slows waaay down and I have to stomp on the brakes to not hit him. I flip on my highs and he comes to a complete stop. I’m confused. Is this really happening? I make a move to go around him and he pulls forward and stops again in the middle of the road. I just sit there and let the burning intensity of my high beams tell this guy what I think of him.


Eventually he relents and speeds the fuck away from there through the 40 mph that drops to 30 mph and goes through my village. I can’t even comprehend what this guy was trying to accomplish.

This goes out to you Explorer guy. I will high beam you in broad daylight again. There is no escape from my photon barrage.

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