This weekend I had my first experience with Autocross/Solo. I went to a 2-day event hosted by the Philadelphia SCCA region at Warminster Park. The course there is laid out on an abandoned aircraft runway and features different variations of slaloms for the most part. Being only an hour and fifteen minutes from home, I was able to just go back home in between the two days. The whole weekend was exhausting and hot but it was totally worth it for the 8 minutes of driving that I got in.

I have read lots about Autocross on Jalopnik and Oppo. That is mostly why I wanted to check it out. I am very glad that I did listen to all of the articles clamoring “YOU HAVE TO GO TO AUTOCROSS” because it was so much fun. I could never hope to be as competitive as some of the people there but I surely can have just as much fun. There were a TON of Miatas there so my car felt right at home. They ranged from the bone stock like mine, to lightly modified, and to the batshit crazy bonkers ones with superchargers and race slicks. I still plan to keep mine stock as can be since the best modification I can make is to improve the driver.

There was some crazy stuff that happened during this particular event as well. During the first day while I was working the course, there was a Subaru WRX wagon that went off into the grass. A bunch of other cars had spun that day as well but they all stayed on the track. On the second day, a Saturn wagon lost a wheel! That shut things down for a good while but it was entertaining to see the car with a dolly instead of one of its rear wheels, driving under its own power back to the paddock. Not sure how that happened but it was nuts.

Overall it was a great weekend and now I look forward to doing more. My only downside was the limited amount of seat time. I really felt like I could have just kept driving the course over and over until the sun went away. I would have been perfectly content doing that. I was recommended by a guy from who was there to check out an autocross next weekend up in the NEPA region. It’s 3 hours from home but I will just camp out the weekend and it will be great. They do two driving heats per day so you get in 6-8 runs instead of just 4 in the day. Right now there are only 15 people signed up so its much better than the 130+ from this weekend. Anyways, here are some pictures!


We had a whole row of Miatas! There was mine, the two NA, and then an NC behind them. The NC I had actually found at a gas station on the way to the event on Sunday. Funny to see the other Miata and we immediately both ask if we are going out to PA.


Sweet GT3!

This BMW was killing it, really enjoyed the look of it as well.


The paddock was stocked full of cars!

Even more Miatas.


The Porsche row.

And my friend that brought his totally stock Hyundai Accent hatchback (automatic). He had a blast though so it was great. He showed up with tires that had the cord sticking out so he had to run to walmart to replace them. Made it on time for the heat though so it was fun!


Looking forward to the next one for sure!!!