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My JDM project car VS real life.

I have this sports car that I care about. Of course, the plan was to finish the project while my income was still basically disposable, then drive the car on my way to the next step in my life.

Yeah... Sure...

I posted a few times about said project car in the past. You can go back through my previous ramblings to learn about my ugly character-full street car.

Look at the messed up windshield.
Look at the messed up windshield.

I got bored 2 weeks before Christmas. Last time I got bored, I bought the project car, and my daily driver 2014 Focus the time before. This time around though, I broke the record and bought “the single biggest purchase in my life”. That’s what people keep telling me. So yeah, I bought a house.


It’s nice one at that! But it messed up the initial plan. Gone are the new body panels, the paint job, the cool seats, the new wheels and tires, the upgraded turbocharger, the fancy sound system. I went through the cardboard list and removed everything that didn’t make the car run properly or made it street legal. Here’s the new plan:

  • Get the ECU tuned to make the stupid thing run right.
  • Replace the windshield. It’s so scratched I can’t see through it properly.
  • Finish installing all the parking brake hardware.
  • Add more stickers to up the street creds

I also have bunch of parts from last year to install, and my OWN cozy garage to stash the car in. Not a bad deal.


They said real life would get in the way of my project car, and they were almost right.

Anyone in the same position? On another note, should I wrap it, dip it, and leave it in it’s patina’d state?

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