My Kryptonite...

I hate valve clearance adjustment. Hate it. It is fiddly, precise work that requires patience, concentration, and accuracy. These are not traits I possess. I haven’t had to do it since I owned the Buggy (and with air-cooled VWs it is an recommended-every-oil-change procedure.)

My tune up on the Civic wagon escalated as I already had the plugs out and the valve cover off... so of course I should check the valves.


I though I could get away with just doing a spot check but of course the #1 intake valves were out of spec, so I assume all the others are. All 16 of them. Because of course a “12-valve” engine has 16 valves. Why wouldn’t it!?

Rar. I am just cranky. Don’t mind me. On to #2. Or #3? 4? Whichever is next.

At least access is good so I’m not sitting on my back swearing at long-dead Germans and very much alive previous owners.

Maybe I’ll have a beer....

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