Because she is on a boat to Spain! Promise, my next one will be in the Spanish twisties!

Oh, and i guess here is a few more seeing is this will be my last one for a bit

If your gonna go to Spain, might as well replace all the brakes right? Stainless braided lines, new calipers, and carbon kevlar pads. looking at picking up a set of coated rotors soon. These nasty rusty ones might be warped, they have high spots for sure.


And here is somethisomething I spotted at the shipping place, the guy was coming back from Japan and it was his first car! A beige skyline sounds like a sleeper for non-car guys!


And then there are my old rims, anyone in the hampton roads area looking for some? 5x114.3, tires are shot, needs TLC, but cheap!